Toril's Story and Vision

Toril's Story and Vision


Our vision is to be the MOST recommended team. The Real Estate Team of choice. The team that represents those who are referred to us...the ones that know and love us!

I had just graduated high school and was attending the local community college working towards my Associates Degree. I was working at the mall as a surveyor; you know the annoying ones that ask you questions in the middle of the mall.  Most people would hate this, but I loved the challenge of talking to random people and getting them to complete the surveys. It came very natural to me.  My dad must have noticed my passion, because that very next summer, he offered to pay for me to go to school to get my real estate license. He told me he thought I would be great at real estate. No one in my family had ever been in real estate and I was as green as they come. I had no idea what a mortgage was… I just had graduated high school!   I immediately started attending both morning and night real estate classes to learn more.  I was like a sponge. I wanted to know more and I loved it!  I got my license at the end of that summer and started selling real estate when I was just 19.  My office was on Lake Tapps and I remember like it was yesterday… my friends out in their boats waving at me to come play on the lake but I was very serious about working and very determined to “make it” in real estate.  The odds were against me… but I love a challenge!

I definitely have learned the most just recently. Four years ago things looked easy. I was a leading my real estate team, the number one ERA Real Estate Team in the nation. We were featured in Realtor Magazine’s 30 under 30 and RIS Medias Realtors on the Rise. My business partners and I were approved and ready to build six buildings next to our office which would be one of the city of Sumner’s biggest commercial projects.  We were building houses with our construction company. We were in the best real estate market and were taking full advantage of the market and leverage.  I appeared to be a success all around.  I was a business owner and real estate team leader. I was married and had a beautiful son.

Then, everything changed; and I mean everything; in what seemed like a few months.  The market was rapidly declining, real estate got really interesting and prices were dropping. Clients now owed more on their properties than they were worth and it wasn't easy telling clients what they needed to hear. Real estate agents were going out of business.  One of my business partners stopped paying his portion of the bills for all three companies; therefore, we could not build our commercial project. After several months of “paying to keep the businesses going” my other business partner and I were on different pages and decided to close the companies.  I had spent most my savings, taken a $400,000 line of credit on my home and my team’s production had declined about 50%.  To make matters even worse, my marriage ended.

I quickly knew I had changes to make or my team was going to be out of business like most.  I immediately got my managing broker’s license, moved my team to our own office, became a certified distressed property expert and learned how to help our friends and community in the “new” market. I settled the debts of the old companies and a real estate franchise agreement. I kept moving forward.   My business partners, ex husband and the market were obstacles…Yes!  However, I decided that I needed to learn from this and it was happening for a reason.  So instead of “why me” I decided “why not me!”

 I know, Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.  I have always believed that no matter what happens, it is best not to burn any bridges.  I have learned that my motto of “killing people with kindness” is always the best choice, no matter what.  I have learned that debt is like a magnifying glass to your bad choices and leverage is not as cool as people think it is.  Most importantly I have learned that for me success is being “there” for my son Soren, my family, my friends and community. 

I am proud to say that my team has continued to stay in business even in the craziness of the last few years. It hasn’t been easy, and we have worked very very hard. I am blessed to have such a smart, happy and healthy 15 year old son Soren, a wonderful husband Johnny, my parents; Mike and Venka; who always are there for me, a supportive family, amazing friends and an awesome team of 16 includes 7 sales partners, 3 listing partners, 2 listing managers, an in-house negotiator, and marketing/events specialists. We are learning and growing while having fun helping families, friends and our community. We are very proud to be “the experts” in the real estate business and to still be standing! My ex business partners, ex husband and I remain civil and respectful of each other and the decisions that were made.

Since 1996, my career has flown by. I am now 42 and have a PHD in life and can say this with a smile.  I have learned so many valuable lessons from my successes and failures that I know I wouldn’t have ever learned in college. I am proud to share and use my experiences to help others. I have created the best, most productive strategies for our clients with a team of talented, passionate people and a vision of strength.  Our clients hire us because we are experts in real estate.  They also know that doing business with us is easy because we are there for them and understand. 

I spearheaded a 2018 Give Back Big campaign, with my team alone contributing just shy of Fifty Thousand dollars to 5 local charities last year! We are leading the way in the industry showing that not only can you reach your own dreams in real estate, but collectively you can change the lives of those you touch. Think big- Dream bigger-and do NOT allow doubt to limit you...that is what my team is all about. With over 650 FIVE STAR REVIEWS (404 on Zillow) I am leading the MOST recommended team in our marketplace.  Our MISSION... Help People, Make Friends, Have Fun, Make Money & Give Back!

My vision is to grow my real estate company into a successful profitable business, to profit share with my amazing team, to be “there” for my family, friends and community. I’m already there in so many aspects and can’t wait to see what the next 20 years bring!  Love~Toril 

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